Make learning a habit with our top tips and tutorials on music production

It’s that time of year again.

As fall approaches, many of us are gearing back up into the learning mindset. With this spirit in mind, we’ve compiled some of our most popular articles and videos across the realm of music creation below to help you get back in that groove. Give your production some new life and polish, or learn tips and techniques from some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

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“Production” is one of those terms in music that’s incredibly broad, and it can mean totally different things in different contexts. Here, we’re specifically thinking of any processes that involve the creation of new musical material, whether it’s composing melodies and chord progressions or sequencing beats. We’ve also included some interviews and walkthroughs conducted alongside top-tier producers, who each gave us their unique perspective on how to approach the craft of music production.

1. Composition

2. Drum programming

3. Producer spotlights

Mixing and mastering


While production addresses the composition of catchy hooks, colorful chords, and driving beats, mixing and mastering place an emphasis on how we arrange, blend, and present those building blocks as one cohesive whole. Spanning beginner-friendly overviews to expert-led discussions, the articles below explore various subtopics in mixing and mastering at all sorts of altitudes.

1. Mixing

2. Mastering

Sound design


Last but not least, sound design is the art of making sure that our melodies, chord progressions, beats, and everything in between are voiced by the timbres that best serve our music. While this process can easily blend into production and mixing, we’ve identified two topics below that particularly come to mind when we think of sound design: synthesis and sampling.

1. Synthesis

2. Sampling

While everything we’ve highlighted above ultimately barely scratches the surface of the expansive realm of music creation, we hope that you find a few articles and videos that inspire you to learn something new. What aspect of music creation is your favorite? In what areas are you looking to improve in the coming months? Let us know in the comments below.

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September 8, 2021