Sampling and sound design tips for string instruments

From the rich timbres of a cello to the delicate plucks of a harp, string instruments can add a whole new dimension to our productions.

In the tutorial video above, we walk through how you can build a beat that features string instruments in nuanced and interesting ways. We begin by laying down a simple foundation in Ableton with Splice’s Astra and Beatmaker. From there, we record our own harp samples; if you don’t have a string instrument of your own, we also showcase how you can find great samples to use with the help of Splice Sounds and Bridge. Lastly, we employ the effects plugins available in Arturia’s FX Collection 2 to manipulate and reimagine our sounds so they fit the aesthetic intention of our track.

If you used to play a string instrument but have been neglecting it in recent years, we hope this video inspires you to break it back out and capture some sounds. Do you have any questions about a particular concept we covered? What sorts of topics in music production would you like to see us explore on the Splice YouTube channel next? Let us know in the comments below.

Dive deeper into the world of sound design with Arturia’s FX Collection 2:

August 9, 2021

Austin Macasieb Austin Macasieb is a harpist, vocalist, and producer who makes music as 4ustynn.