AI that empowers

Our AI puts your natural creative instinct in overdrive to help, not replace, the creative process. Read more below, or start creating now.

Backing creators above all

Splice always puts the creator first. We bring you human-made sounds, curated with quality, authenticity, and respect for the artists who create them. With all of our tech, including Compatible Sounds (CoSo), we help you find inspiration faster, while keeping you at the center of your creative process.

We’re building the ultimate inspiration engine to get you, then keep you, in your flow state.

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The power of our catalog meets the power of AI

AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on, and ours is trained on the world’s best sample library. Splice AI scours our catalog to show you responsibly sourced sounds from around the world that highlight diversity in genre and artistic expression—and all of it comes directly from industry pros, award-winning artists, and career musicians.

Creator-centric AI

Our AI and Audio science team has serious machine learning (ML) and Audio Signal Processing chops. But they’re also musicians and producers, so protecting the creative process is something they take personally—that intersection between AI and musical integrity is where our tech lives.