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Project Collections - New On Splice

Organize Your Projects on Splice with the New ‘Collections’ Feature!

Learn how to manage and organize your album-in-progress, ideas for an EP, or sketches for mixing with “Collections’ on Splice.


Splice Tips: Creating “Talking” Wobble Bass Sounds in Ableton Live

In this video, producer and educator Christopher Petti familiarizes you with common techniques for creating talking wobble bass sounds…

Learn With Splice

Learn With Splice: Introducing 9 Mini-Courses From the World’s Best YouTube Educators

Learn techniques from Multiplier, Mr. Bill, Tom Cosm, SeamlessR and more…

sound design splice

Splice Tips: Learn to Use Spatial Effects in Sound Design

Watch the video, download the project and get a better understanding of applying spatial effects in your mix…

unnamed (2)

Bro Safari Announces Mysteryland Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated! Find out who Bro Safari picked to finish the collaboration on Splice.


Splice Tips: Creating a Buildup in EDM with Ableton Live

In this video and Ableton Live project, we examine methods for creating all of the essential components in an EDM buildup…

music production library splice

7 Tips for Creating and Managing Your Music Production Library

Creating and curating a personalized production library is one of the most worthwhile things that you can do as a producer…

splice ableton remix

Back to the Sketchpad: Using Session and Arrangement Views for Remixing in Ableton Live

Explore creative remixing techniques through the lense of Ableton Live’s uniquely interactive Session and Arrangement views…

Session View

Using Splice to Back Up Your Ableton Live Performance Projects

Learn about ways you can use Splice to back up all of your Ableton Live sets and performance templates.

SoundToys Decapitator

Get Creative with Distortion using SoundToys Decapitator

Many professional producers are able to get a plugin to sound the way they want because they are familiar with the physical hardware that many effects plugins emulate. In this article, […]