8 tips for writing effective melodies and chord progressions (free MIDI files included)

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a veteran producer, you’ve likely struggled with writing melodies or chord progressions before.

In the tutorial video above, we demonstrate eight tips and techniques you can keep in mind to help navigate creative blocks that revolve around melodies and chords. Whether it’s taking a minimalist approach or inverting chord voicings, these simple but effective ideas will help you create music that’s intuitive, interesting, and impactful.

Scale helpers are one specific concept we explore in the video – if you’d like to try them out yourself, download our collection of MIDI scale helpers spanning everything from major and minor scales to modes and niche scales here. If you enjoyed the specific software instruments we used in the video, check out Arturia’s Analog Lab V.

Which tip was most useful? Is there a particular concept you’d like to see us cover next? Let us know in the comments below.

Explore royalty-free melodies, chord progressions, and grooves by key, BPM, genre, and more:

December 22, 2020

iBEENART iBEENART is a producer, beat maker, and educator based in Chicago.