Oliver on his most iconic loops, new sounds, and Doja Cat’s “Say So”

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Oliver has played a key role in defining the sound of a generation.

The prolific producer’s sounds, available via his Power Tools sample packs, have been used to craft countless tracks spanning underground releases to chart-topping hits. “I’m always super excited when I hear them on any song, whether it’s a huge pop song or some independent artist putting something out,” Oliver tells us. “It just makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing and that my stuff is quality, you know?”

In celebration of the release of the latest installment to his Power Tools pack series, Oliver sat down with us in the video above to discuss his creative process, approach to constructing and using loops, and more. He also dives into the DAW to recreate the drums for Doja Cat’s “Say So,” a groove that he believes is constructed almost exclusively with his sounds.

To get a taste of the wide breadth of other songs that Oliver hears his sounds in, check out his Spotify playlist below:

Oliver concludes our discussion by elaborating on what creators can expect to hear in his latest pack. “This third one was pretty much all from scratch,” he shares. “This time I actually got other sound designers involved, just to get more diversity and more interesting stuff that I wouldn’t have done… [There’s also] some material that’s more of the same, but hopefully better sounding—there’s just a lot of experimentation and trying to make things sound different.”

What’s your favorite track that features Oliver’s sounds? Who would you like to see us feature on our YouTube channel next? Let us know in the comments section of the video.

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Incorporate Oliver’s latest versatile sounds into your own productions with Power Tools Sample Pack III:

July 14, 2021

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.