Using Splice to Back Up Your Ableton Live Performance Projects

Performing your music for an audience is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can have as an artist, and is one of the best ways to connect with your fans. Ableton Live is a unique and powerful performance tool that’s well suited to being the creative nexus for all manner of live performance applications and configurations, and is one of the surest ways to accurately translate your productions from the studio to the club.

Splice is the perfect companion for performers on the road because it goes way beyond project backup; it also allows for seamless collaboration with fellow musicians both near and far. Haven’t seen your production partner or bandmate since the last show? Not a problem. With Splice, you can keep everyone involved in the performance informed and updated with the latest revisions of the set as easily as saving the project. You can even add inline track annotations from right inside of the DNA player for making notes or pointing out particular aspects of the arrangement that may have changed.

Check out the video below to see how producer Datsik uses the platform to collaborate with other producers while on the road along with backing up his own Ableton Live performance templates. You can also sign up for Splice to get started and explore the performance templates from other users below.

Since much of modern music is created almost entirely in-the-box, the stability of your software and the integrity of your performance project files are of paramount importance for achieving the absolute best performances. When you back up all of your Ableton Live projects with Splice, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of your sets, performance templates, instrument racks, and even controller mappings are securely stored in the cloud, so that whatever happens – equipment failure, lost luggage at claim check, dropping your laptop into the pool at the afterparty the night before – you’ll know for sure that you can easily recall your performance materials with just a single click.

Splice is the most convenient and secure way to make sure that you always show up to the gig fully prepared and on point. To get an idea of how Splice can work for you, Sign up for a free account and check out some public performance templates and tools from Splice user Camino.

May 5, 2015