Delivering on our mission: A letter from our CEO

Since joining Splice as CEO a little over six months ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about our mission: We are here to help music creators bring their ideas to life.

We do this by providing the industry’s highest quality and deepest catalog for musical inspiration through our Sounds subscription, and by giving access to incredible plugins and DAWs affordably through our Gear marketplace.

While we continue to build this important resource for musicians, in partnership with our ecosystem of sample creators, we have fallen short in creating a great experience to help our customers find, use, and be inspired by our Sounds catalog.

We’ve been hard at work to change that, and I’m excited to share some of our updates. One of the most important ways to discover Splice Sounds is through search, and we’ve recently introduced some critical changes to how search works. Now, you get faster and more relevant results when you search on Splice, whether you’re on web or Desktop. We’ve also updated Similar Sounds, our AI-assisted sound discovery tool, to be more powerful, more visible, and faster, so you can explore the immense range of the Splice catalog more seamlessly.

Next week, we’re rolling out an update to ‘Recommended for you,’ the module on the Sounds homepage that serves you personalized packs. We’re changing it to update on a daily basis, to give you fresh inspiration whenever you come to Splice. We’ve made login more secure using industry best practices, and within the next month, we’ll be rolling out the option to sign in with a Google account. We’re also making it possible to change your username—an often-requested update that provides more ownership over your identity on Splice.

We are working on another update that will allow Splice users to automatically generate a certified license for every sound downloaded. We have found that when Splice users provide this documentation to third-party streaming services and/or distributors, they are less likely to receive copyright claims or have issues with copyright-monitoring systems like Content ID, an industry-wide issue facing all creators and users of non-exclusive samples (just a reminder that Splice samples are 100% royalty free, even for commercial use).

One important area of feedback that we are spending a lot of time thinking about is how to address your feedback about our credits system in a way that’s fair and equitable for both sides of our marketplace—Splice customers and the creators who make our world-class content. We’re looking closely at how we want to handle credits in the future, particularly credits that are lost when a subscription lapses. Today, you can pause a subscription for two months without losing credits—we hope this helps to make the Splice subscription flexible for creators of all kinds. Stay tuned for more credits-related updates in the future.

This is all to say, we are listening, and we’re more focused than ever on making consistent product updates that add value to your experience. In January, we’re launching a newsfeed, where you can stay informed about what’s new at Splice. We also have a new Feedback form, where you can leave open feedback for me and the Splice team. We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s good or bad. We’re committed every day to improving Splice to make it a better, more inspirational place to discover Sounds, get Gear affordably and follow your creative passions.

Kakul Srivastava
CEO, Splice

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December 8, 2022