Splice Collections: Organize and discover samples in new ways

With Collections, you can now easily access your favorite sounds directly from Splice Desktop.

Collections are a music maker’s best friend. They can be used to gather and sort your go-to Splice sounds, so they’re always only a click away. Collections allow you to file your samples in any way you choose, using your own titles and grouping—just like a playlist on Spotify. This means you can stay organized and keep focused on making music.

You can also use our curated Collections that help you dive into the Splice catalog in new ways. There are even Collections of free (zero-credit) sounds, which new Splice users can use on a free 14-day Splice trial to explore the catalog and try out Splice Desktop. Scroll down to see our curated Collections and our Free Sounds offerings.

What you can do with Collections

A Collection is a feature in Splice Sounds for gathering your favorite samples—both one-shots and loops—to use in any future project, or perhaps as inspiration when you’re feeling stuck.

Desktop app screenshot.

Sort your samples and label your Collections by mood, instrument, feeling—whatever fits the way you work. For example, you can gather all the punchy kicks that define your unique sound in one Collection. Or, save sounds with a similar feel—i.e. vintage, jazzy, ambient, distorted—from a variety of instruments like guitars, drums, and synths in one Collection.

Your Collections are now available on your desktop app

Collections are available on both the Splice web and Splice Desktop. Whether you’ve already saved a sound from the web or are doing a search on Splice Desktop, you can drag and drop it directly into a Collection.

GIF on adding new sounds to Collections.
Share your favorite sounds with collaborators and prepare for future projects

Get your collaborators or clients on the same page by sharing a private link to your Collection of sounds for the project at hand. Share musical ideas based on moods, soundalikes, soundscapes, and more.

GIF on how to share Splice Collections.

Collections also save you time on your next project. No more scrambling at the last minute for the perfect sound. Have what you need to get started right at your fingertips, curated for the way you work best.

Get inspired by other artists’ Collections

Anyone who uses Sounds has the option to make their Collections public. That means opportunities to browse and discover sounds you didn’t know existed. You may find the perfect sound for getting your project off the ground.

We know there are a lot of samples to browse through on Splice Sounds. Exploring highly curated Collections is a great way to limit your listening to top picks.

Get started with Splice’s curated Collections

Spark some inspiration by checking out our featured Collections for getting started with vocals, jazz, R&B, hip hop, and FX.

Not a subscriber yet? Try Splice Sounds for free with zero-credit Collections
Zero-credit Splice Collections carousel

Our Free Sounds Collections of zero-credit samples also let non-subscribers download and use a selection of top-quality sounds across genres and styles, including R&B, soul, hip hop, trap, guitar, and songstarters. Just start a trial, get Splice Desktop, and download the samples you like and drag-and-drop into your DAW. These zero-credit Collections aren’t just for trialists though—subscribers get access to them too, all for free.

Here’s the full list of Free Sounds Collections—we hope you enjoy making music with them:

Take your music further with Free Sounds Collections on a 14-day free Splice trial:

November 1, 2022