Introducing Similar Sounds: A surprising way to search for samples, exclusively on Splice

Today, we’re announcing Similar Sounds, a new sample search feature exclusive to Splice Sounds that advances how you find the sound you need — whether that’s the one in your head or the one that’s going to surprise you.

We’ve all been there — you find a sound that’s great but not exactly what you’re looking for. With Similar Sounds, you can drill down on any sample in the Splice Sounds library and discover a set of one-shots or loops that are sonically close to that reference.

It’s a fine-tune knob powered by audio science and machine learning that lets you generate a collection of sounds sonically similar to a reference sound that speaks to you.

Here’s how to find the sound you’ve been looking for (or the one you didn’t know you need):

Similar Sounds is a first-of-its-kind feature that surfaces similar-sounding samples not based on tags and metadata (e.g. what instrument a sample is, or what genre it may be tagged as), but rather based on the sonic thumbprint of the sounds themselves. Learn more about how the technology behind it works.

Along with the announcement of our new Splice app for iOS and Android, this release is designed to help you make progress on your musical goals. These two are just the beginning. We’re rapidly innovating on new ways to help you find inspiration and act on it, wherever you are.

Start a Splice Sounds subscription to get started with Similar Sounds today and see where it takes you.

November 21, 2019