We Made Improvements to How You Search for Splice Sounds

We’re excited to announce some significant improvements we’ve made to how you search for samples on Splice Sounds. Some of these changes you may have noticed already– we’ve been releasing them quietly over the course of the past several months — and some of them are brand new this week. All of them were developed thanks to your thoughtful feedback.

The Splice Sounds library has over a million sounds today, and we’re releasing new sounds daily. As our library keeps growing, powerful search functionality — the tools we give you to find that exact sound you want from a huge catalog of samples — is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy into these key changes. Read on to learn more.

Improvement 1: More intuitive, more precise filtering


We’ve redesigned the filter panel to make it both easier to understand and more powerful. The new filter panel features top level categories with drop-downs that help guide your search. Some highlights: You can also now search by the exact bpm you’re looking for, or search within a custom range you define. you can now easily distinguish between searches for samples in sharp keys vs samples in flat keys. And we’ve made it super easy to modify or clear a search with a “reset” button for each filter and [] to clear all filter parameters at once and start a new search.

Improvement 2: Goodbye infinite scroll, hello search results pages


We never thought we’d get so excited about pagination. Previously, when you searched for sounds, all of your results would appear on a single page. If your search turned up plenty of results, that page would scroll on-and-on until you reached the last of the search results. We’ve now capped the number of results that appear on a page so that you never lose your place as you listen through a sea of search results.

Improvement 3: Launch points for your search

We saved the best for last. Introducing Search Launch Points.

We’ve created intelligent “launch points” for your search by drawing out the most common top level categories, secondary level categories, and tertiary level categories — giving you an intuitive interface to search with greater precision than ever before.

Let’s break down what we mean by that. With our previous interface, you could only filter by top level and secondary level characteristics. For example, if you were using filters to search for, say, Massive presets that make good leads, you would have had to filter for Massive presets and go hunting for leads. Today, you can search with a layer more specificity in just two clicks: First, click the Presets tab. Then, click Leads in the Massive panel. Voila: you’ll be launched into a list of Massive lead presets.

If you have something specific in mind, this new interface will help you get there faster. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, this interface will help guide you.

The timing for these changes is perfect: we’ll be doubling the size of our library in the months ahead. Now, as the sounds library grows, you’ll still be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, you’ll be able to find what you want even more easily than before.

Have other recommendations of how we can improve search? Contact us at support@splice.com — we’d love to hear your feedback.

April 12, 2017