Download Splice samples directly from your browser

We know that, sometimes, you need access to Splice Sounds while you’re on the go—maybe you’re at a friend or collaborator’s studio, at school, or on a mobile device.

Or perhaps you just need to grab something in a hurry without wanting to get sidetracked by the amazing new pack releases on Sounds home.

That’s why we’ve rolled out a new feature that lets you download individual sounds using your web browser—just like you would any other file from the internet.

The Splice Desktop app will always be the best place to manage, download, and browse the Splice catalog. And it’s packed with great features like Bridge, which lets you preview sounds in your DAW’s key and tempo so you can hear samples in the correct musical context, before you commit to downloading them. So think of the new web downloads feature as a handy way to expand the reach of your studio.

A GIF demonstrating web downloads on Splice Sounds.

How to download samples from the Splice website

Head to Splice Sounds on your web browser (on computer or mobile), select a sound, add it to your library, and you’ll see a new download icon appear. Clicking this icon will save the selected sample to your Downloads folder—or whatever destination you assign from your browser settings.

Not only is this handy when you’re away from your regular setup, but it’s also more flexible if you need to compile a specific set of sounds—maybe you’re building a custom sample set for a hardware sampler or groovebox. It also makes things easier for producers and performers using mobile devices such as iPads; sample management on those devices just got easier.

Lastly, if you’re a new user still getting to grips with the basics of making music with a DAW, downloading directly to your computer might make things a little more straightforward to begin with.

Try the new web downloads feature yourself:

February 9, 2023