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mcschied – MuschiWuschi

Analog and electronic come together in this awesome hybrid of live guitar, punchy drums and vocal sampling.
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reverie – Wildin’ Youth

Cavernous bass, crisp drums and vocals siwimming in a bed of effects and reverb – this is some massive techno right here.
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stayfly5603 – Frozen In Time

This track has a haunting, underwater feel. Downtempo rhythms blend perfectly with ghostly synth lines and a vocal sample to match.
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3agl- Shlappity

From heavily modulated basslines to soaring keyboard leads, this eclectic drum and bass track is exploding with energy.
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June 22, 2016

Matteo Malinverno Matteo Malinverno is a New York-based music producer currently working on the Content team at Splice.