Splice Spotlight: Featured Ableton Live, Logic X and FL Studio Community Projects – 12/05/14

In this series, we highlight some of our favorite tracks from Splice users each week. Listen to the tracks below and view the expanded DNA Player to check out the arrangement, samples and plugins used in each session. Sign up for Splice to download these projects. create your own version and collaborate with producers around the globe.

“Breath” – Produced in Ableton Live by Dubots

This track from Dubots features some virtuosic sample editing and chopping to create melodic phrases in Ableton Live. It also highlights some great mixing and mastering techniques. Try splicing it to create your own version and check out more projects from this artist.

“Nightfall” – Produced in Logic X by Noside

Epic leads and massive synths are front and center in this skillfully produced track from Noside. This track is also his first Beatport release and if you are a Logic user, you can splice it to learn how it was created and make your own version.

“Journey” – Produced in FL Studio by Kidswaste

This track takes the listener on a Tropical House journey. Check out the great annotations from Kidswaste in the expanded DNA Player below to hear this artist’s perspective and how each part was created.

December 5, 2014