Revolvr and Bass Kleph Collaborate with Splice to Release “Mile High” on Cr2 Records

Revolvr emerged on the club scene in 2011 with a remix of “Beats Inside My Head” in collaboration with Donald Glaude that landed him a #2 spot on the Beatport Electro chart. It also garnered support from artists like Tiësto, Laidback Luke, Porter Robinson, Armin Van Buuren and many other world renowned artists. In the studio, he’s using Ableton Live 9 as his main DAW and lately he’s had a very busy production schedule, collaborating with artists across the globe.

His latest collaboration with Australian producer Bass Kleph entitled “Mile High” was just released on Cr2 Records.  You can sign up for Splice to download the full Ableton Live session and view Revolvr’s annotations in the expanded DNA Player below to learn how the track was created.

We are excited to give everyone an exclusive preview and inside look of our new collaboration “Mile High”. The tune is now out (Jan 5th) on CR2 Records, and the project file is now downloadable to be Spliced! We wanted to keep this tune short and straight to the punch so it’s quite a short track. The rhythm is fast paced from the beginning of the tune, and has an “escalating” feel to the groove, which sort of inspired the name. There are quite a bit of tracks, 53 of them, but there are a handful that are meant to be glued together to sound like one, so the track itself sounds simple and straight forward, but covers all frequencies and has that punch! Get “Mile High” on Beatport now!

Be sure to check out the video he released to go along with the track so you can learn more about how Revolvr and Bass Kleph created it using Splice. It might also give you some ideas for how you can use Splice in your own workflow. Now lets here your remix of this project!

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January 12, 2015