How to make a pop beat in 10 minutes

Working under a time constraint when producing music can be a great way to hone your workflow and build confidence in your creative decisions.

In the video above, we took this idea to the test by ‘speed running’ a pop track in under ten minutes.

We kicked off the track by laying down a bright piano chord progression with Addictive Keys, which we lightly processed with EQ and compression. From there, we laid down a four-on-the-floor groove using some Splice samples that we imported into Logic Pro X’s new Drum Machine Designer. Then, we added a groovy bassline to provide a solid foundation for the track, and topped it all off with a synth texture created with Astra and a shaker loop that we quickly synced to our project with Bridge.

While those are the specific instruments and plugins we chose to use for the challenge, a lot of the techniques we explored can be applied with any toolkit and DAW of your choosing (including completely free plugins, like the ones we recently explored). That said, if you enjoyed any of the specific samples we used in the track, you can find them all in this Collection.

How do you think we did? What other genres do you want to see us speed run on the Splice YouTube channel next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and check out our other speed runs here.

Incorporate Addictive Keys into your own pop track:

October 30, 2021

Julie Schatz Julie Schatz is a producer, singer-songwriter, pianist, and violinist who creates beats that merge a wide array of genres.