How to use the Drum Machine Designer in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X’s latest update introduced some new and exciting features that lend to continuous inspiration and creativity.

Among these neat updates is the completely overhauled Drum Machine Designer, which features quick and powerful sampling capabilities. In the tutorial video above, we demonstrate how you can drag and drop samples into Drum Machine Designer to create your own custom kit. We discuss how to navigate Drum Machine Designer’s intuitive interface while also briefly checking out Logic Pro X’s new sequencer. Lastly, we cover how to organize and save our newly-created kit.

If you want to follow along with the same sounds that we used in our tutorial, you can find the complete collection here.

Do you have any questions on a specific concept that was covered in our tutorial of Drum Machine Designer? What’s your favorite feature in Logic Pro X’s 10.5 update? Let us know in the comments below.

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September 12, 2020

Danny Calderon Danny Calderon is the founder of the production agency The Day Of The Week*, who also produces music as Mr. Calderon.