What’s next: Our future in creativity

You might have seen that we’ve been testing some new functionality here at Splice called Create that allows all of our users to discover sounds in a profoundly new way.

Leveraging our powerful AI technology, we are enabling Splice users with new paths to inspiration, using genre-based seeds to create unique combinations of sounds (Stacks) in different styles, keys, and tempos as starting points for creativity.

With this new web experience, Splice subscribers now also have a seamless production workflow; all loops within Stacks can be downloaded as time-stretched stems to be used in any DAW, and Ableton Live users can export a Live session file with a single click.

Since we started testing Create a few weeks ago, over 200,000 Stacks have been saved and many, many more have been created. We’ve heard inspiring stories in our community, from those who are new to music creation and from more experienced music producers. But we know that this is just the beginning. Throughout the year, we’ll also be introducing more integrated experiences powered by this technology across our desktop app and Sounds marketplace.

The feedback from those of you who’ve tried it has been phenomenal, with folks sharing thoughts like, “We start out with lots of ideas and are looking to get a few samples that work—this is a brilliant way to fast track this with AI,” or, “It seems to give me more opportunities to jam and compose; I like it a lot.” And we know we’re on the right track because so many of you have requested new features to connect this experience deeper into your creative workflows. Please know that our designers, product managers, and engineers are reading every single comment and working your feedback into our next iterations of this technology.

I’m writing today because there is a lot of noise in the market about AI, and I wanted to share our philosophy about this important technology. Like any technology, AI has incredible power, and could bring about great harm as well. Here’s how we approach this work.

We’ve updated Create mode since this article was posted—find out what’s new here.

Responsibly sourced, responsibly trained

Splice AI is trained on our own library of Sounds, which remains hand-crafted and responsibly sourced by our industry-leading content team of musicians and artists. We continue to support and compensate contributing artists from around the world, and we are committed to providing our customers with sounds that are sonically and ethically best in class. Each sample undergoes a strict quality control process.

Humans at the center

We believe that AI technology should be in service of human creativity. We know that the act of making music is fundamental to our humanity and well-being, and we seek to empower and enable music creators to bring their ideas to life. AI technology should assist in this work, but never replace human creativity. We’ve been developing this technology for a long time, and we’re continually updating it to spark more creativity in our users rather than taking away creative choices.


We know that technology never truly reaches its full potential until it’s in the hands of artists. Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Suzanne Ciani, Daft Punk—these are all innovators who have taken technology that many feared would end musical creativity and used it to push the boundaries of what music is and expand the potential of what creators could do. We are committed to listening to our customers and allowing their creativity to lead the way in how we build these features for the future. So please, try Create, and let us know what you think. We are listening.

Let’s expand the boundaries of creativity, together.


June 28, 2023

Kakul Srivastava Kakul Srivastava is the CEO of Splice and an award-winning entrepreneur whose mission is building companies that empower creators, grow communities, and create great customer experiences.