Try our new sample discovery feature

The latest Splice feature, Create, uses AI to match sounds from across the Splice catalog to give you endless songstarters.

Our new AI-powered tool gives you a way to create musical ideas comprising up to eight layers (a.k.a. Stacks) using sounds from our immense catalog, paired together by our tech to provide billions of musical combinations that nobody’s heard before.

Picking Create

We’ve updated Create mode since this article was posted—find out what’s new here.

How to create a Stack on Splice

Start by clicking on Create, and then choose one of 12 styles—starting points that each reference several genres (fun fact: the ‘No Filter’ style is experimental and references every loop on Splice). Your first Stack will comprise a handful of layers in a range of different keys and tempos, matched by our AI to sound great together (that’s the magic part). From here, you can tweak your Stack—add and switch out layers with other matched sounds and change the levels of each layer to get the mix sounding right. Remember to hit Save when you create a Stack that stands out.

Switch Layers

Where to find your saved Stacks

Stacks are saved in your library, which you can dip into whenever you need a fresh idea to work on, or inspiration for a new track. Stacks are the perfect songstarter, and there’s no limit to how many you can create. You don’t even need a Splice plan to make Stacks, but you do need to be a subscriber to download the sounds and export them to your DAW.

Save and Export

How to export your Stack

Stacks can be exported in a number of formats. The Ableton Live option downloads all the original samples and creates an ALS file that includes all the pitch, tempo, and volume settings to make the Stack play back perfectly in Ableton Live. The Stems option downloads new versions of the original samples, processed with key and tempo matching, so you can drag and drop them into any DAW and they’ll sound the same as they did on Splice. Lastly, the Original samples option downloads the samples in their original, unprocessed format, where you can manually apply the pitch and tempo offsets for each sound.

How new are Stacks on Splice?

CoSo app users have been creating Stacks for a while, but the new Create feature is the first outing of this technology on our website. And like everything we build, it’s designed with the creator in mind. It’s here to give you new ways and more choice when starting your journeys into music creation. By putting your natural creative instinct in overdrive, we hope you’ll be able to make more of the music you want to make, and feel the joy of making music more often.

And though it’s powered by AI, we’re keen to stress that Create is here to help—not replace—your creative process. It streamlines your workflow while keeping you in control of your artistic vision. Click here to read about our approach to creating AI that empowers.

We’re constantly developing new tools to help you unlock your creative potential, and there’s lots more to come—we’ll be rolling the feature out to more of Splice soon. We’d love to hear your feedback. Click on Create, make some Stacks, and click the ‘Give Feedback’ button at the top of the Stacks player. We hope it inspires you.

June 7, 2023