Learn With Splice: Introducing 9 Mini-Courses From the World’s Best YouTube Educators

One of the most powerful ways to learn music production is through collaboration and sharing your process with others. At Splice, we’re deeply committed to helping producers grow and learn. Today, we’re excited to bring you a series of short courses from some of the world’s best independent educators, with nearly 250,000 subscribers collectively.

learn with splice

These 9 mini-courses from creators like Multiplier, Tom Cosm, Mr. Bill, AfroDJMAC, InnerstateJT, SeamelssR, FrankJavCeee, Logical Mitch and Skepsis each contain a series of videos accompanied by our DNA Player so you can download the project files to follow along in your own DAW. Learn sound design, mixing and arranging, workflow tips, creative strategies and more. No matter what DAW you use, there’s something here for you to learn and apply to your own music production.

Explore the “Learn with Splice” courses here.

Download the associated Splice projects, learn, leave your own mark on them, and release your own version back to the Splice community to show what you’ve learned. Also, be sure to check out each instructor’s YouTube channels for more great content. We look forward to hearing you put your new skills to work on Splice. You can also browse the Splice Community to learn more techniques by exploring projects from your favorite artists and exchanging ideas with other likeminded producers from around the globe.

May 27, 2015