How to create a guitar effect chain using Arturia’s FX Collection

As audio processing improves and in-the-box workflows become more commonplace, we have to ask ourselves: do we really need all the hardware we’re used to using?

Is it possible that digital modeling software can very closely replicate gear like pedals, rack effects, and preamps? In the video tutorial above, we decided to see how an entirely digital guitar effect chain would sound using Arturia’s FX Collection.

In the demonstration, we ran a D’Angelico guitar through four plugins found in the collection: the Memory Brigade Delay, the TAPE-201 Delay, the 1973-Pre Preamp and the Plate-140 Reverb.

Try these effects and many others for free with a three-day trial of Arturia’s FX Collection:

February 15, 2020

Kenneth Takanami Herman Kenneth Takanami Herman is a Content Strategist at Splice who produces electronic music as Kenneth Takanami.