Extracting Parts For a Remix with Ableton Live

Ableton Live offers powerful tools for easily creating remixes and recording new ideas. There are several common approaches to remixing and in most cases, the first step involves exploring the individual parts from the original version to determine which parts you want to use. In this video, instructor and sound designer Chris Petti demonstrates techniques for extracting parts from your favorite projects on Splice. Using Laidback Luke’s Ableton Live project for ‘Stepping To The Beat’, Chris shows ways you can extract individual tracks into folders along with entire groups for remixing and bringing into other projects you are working on. Sign up for Splice to download Laidback Luke’s project below and follow along with the video.

Very much into starting this up with Splice and starting to share my projects with you! I’ve been known to help aspiring producers out and give advice and tips about producing. This feels like it comes as an extension of it. Now mind you, one major thing I’ve learned over the 22 years I’ve been producing, is to keep it simple. And I do! Simple, yet effective and fat. The floor, or any of the majority producers out there, won’t care how many crash or hi-hat stems you use. Or that you tweaked 8 hours to get this certain synth designed, which still can’t compete to the multitude of amazing synth presets out there. I make music for DJs to play out, and music to dance hard to! And my time, with all the touring, and overall hectic schedule, is super limited. No wasting it ha ha. Hope you can get some easy shortcuts looking into my session, and hope it can help you to be better and effective producer! Splice this to learn how I made Stepping To The Beat! – Laidback Luke

June 4, 2015