Botnek & I See MONSTAS “Deeper Love” Remix Competition Winner

 I See MONSTAS and Botnek are happy to announce the winner of the remix competition for their collaboration, “Deeper Love” (find the original contest page here). Congratulations to Xan Griffin for the submission! The artists had this to say about the winning entry and some honorable mentions:

Grand Prize

Deeper Love (Xan Griffin Remix)

“Love the chords from the intro that really grips the ear – especially the introduction of that major chord. Drop is epic! especially the bass and drum fills … again the 2nd build has a wonderful triumphant/epic quality to it … really original and memorable.  The remix expands upon the vibe of the original, by taking it into a more cerebral and moody direction… very creative and strong production! Congrats!!!!” – Botnek & I See MONSTAS

Honorable Mentions


“Great almost lounge vibes in the verse/build sections … the drop really took us by a surprise in a brilliant way … the vocal chops are superb and the addition of the drum breaks is a really nice touch and reference back to the original mix. Awesome.”

Aerial J

“Unbelievably impressive for such a young age! The chords in the intro were the first thing to grab our ears … a really refreshing vibe. Again almost with a couple lounge-y elements … very original combination of sounds…really stood out from the crowd-well done!”


“Really solid and competent heavier remix … felt like No-Mo took the more neuro elements of the original drops and then really went to town with extra sound design. Nice work! Also love the synth solo in the 2nd verse/build. Nice.”

Huge thanks to everyone who participated!

January 12, 2016

Brett Kernan Brett helps lead the Artist Partnerships team at Splice.