Nervo & Timmy Trumpet “Anywhere You Go” Remix Contest Winners

Monstercat, Nervo & Timmy Trumpet are happy to announce the winner of the remix contest for “Anywhere You Go”  (find the original contest page here).

Congratulations to Kotek for the winning submission! The winner will receive a VP-03, K-25m & TR-09 Provided by Roland, a merchandise package and their remix released officially on Monstercat!

Grand Prize Winner: 

A truly impressive remix. Loving this sound, love what Kotek did with the vocals. Great job and congrats on the win!


Kaivon x Wolfe (Community Winner / Most Votes)

Congrats on the Community Pick win! If you’re looking for a loud remix here it is. This one hits hard.


Thomas Hood

Phenomenal chilled take of the original. Within the first few seconds we knew we were about to be immersed into an atmospheric journey. This one is best enjoyed through headphones!


It feels like we took a trip back to the 70’s in the best way possible. The groove and disco sound compliment the original elements very well. Great remix!


One of the most creative and experimental entries, nice and crunchy! Interesting sound design and excellent production overall. This remix will have you guessing what is coming next.

Note from Splice

For those of you who follow our remix contests, you likely recognize Kotek, who also won Gramatik’s remix contest. Each contest is judged by the host of the contest. The fact that Kotek was selected by both Gramatik for Gramatik – “Anima Mundi ft. Russ Liquid” as well as by Monstercat for Nervo ft Timmy Trumpet’s “Anywhere You Go” is a pure coincidence — or rather a testament to his talent! So to you we say: keep offering up your best submissions, because every single remix is heard! And to Kotek we say: congrats! You’re on fire!

January 17, 2017

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice