Gramatik x Mysteryland “Anima Mundi” Contest Winner

After much deliberation, Gramatik is happy to announce the winner of the remix contest for his single “Anima Mundi”  (find the original contest page here). Congratulations to Kotek for the winning submission! Read on to see what Gramatik had to say about the competition:

Grand Prize Winner: Kotek

“First things first. Huge shout out to all the artists who took the time to work on Anima Mundi. I couldn’t believe how many quality tracks we’ve received! So thanks for making it really tough for me guys.

In the end I thought Kotek did the best job at flipping the source material. They put their own glitchy twist on it, but the essence of the original track still comes through loud and clear. I also loved all the changes within the track that make it really dynamic and keep you engaged all the way through.

What else to say? Kotek – job well done and see you at Mysteryland!”

– Gramatik

Congratulations as well to our Community Prize winner TRINIXWe’d like to thank everyone who participated, and keep an eye out for Gramatik and Kotek at Mysteryland USA!

June 3, 2016

Matteo Malinverno Matteo Malinverno is a New York-based music producer currently working on the Content team at Splice.