Bro Safari Announces Mysteryland Contest Winner

This is a guest post from Bro Safari announcing the winner of the ‘Collaborate with Bro Safari’ contest. Thanks to everyone who participated! Find the original contest page here. The winner will take a helicopter to Mysteryland where they will open Bro Safari’s Animal House themed stage. They’ll also finish the collaboration with Bro Safari!


This was a very difficult decision to make. I heard a lot of really creative submissions that sparked inspiration within myself. I narrowed it down to about ten songs and went from there. Popularity, likes and votes had zero impact on the process. I want to make that clear! I wound up going with the project that contained specific qualities that I was looking for. I really liked Jorgen’s entry for a lot of reasons. I felt like the ideas that he put forth were creative, thoughtful and very well produced. I heard quite a few things that I immediately wanted to work with. I let him know that he won a few days ago and since then, we have been going back and forth, working on the song via Splice. It’s sounding really cool now and we’re hopeful that we can play a more finished sounding version at Mysteryland this weekend! 

So, congrats to Jorgen Odegard and I want to say thank you to every single person that participated in this contest. I really think that we did something special here. I also want to thank Splice & Mysteryland for organizing everything and providing the awesome prize package.” – Bro Safari

Honorable Mentions 


This one is just flat out sick. If I’m being honest, it was between this one and Jorgen’s at the end. The synth work on this is stellar and all of the production is top notch. I mean, they even added their own vocals. Great work on this one. In the end, it felt almost too complete. I wanted to work with an entry that demanded a little more of me.”


This entry strayed very far away from the original source samples, which was totally okay with me. This one really spoke to me. The vibes are lush and the production is on point. I’m eager to hear more music from Avery.”


Another entry with great production value. The drums in the intro pulled me in and the overall production stood out. The arrangement is on point and everything works really well. Again, this was a tough decision to make!”

Stevie B

A lot of the 4×4 submissions were great on this competition. Something about the vocal cuts worked well at this tempo. This entry in particular stood out to me. I love the build and the pattern for the drop. Instantly made me nod my head, which is always a great sign.”


It’s all about the last drop on this one. The mix was a little muddy, but the synth is very dope. It sounded like something I would have done on my own, so I was drawn towards it. Good work.”

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May 20, 2015