Yaoan, Jeia, and Rita Kim celebrate their roots through music

To commemorate AAPI Month, we asked Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander creators to craft a track that exudes the spirit of “celebration.”

Below, leading producers Yaoan, Jeia, and Rita Kim share their thoughts and sounds.

Yaoan celebrates his late grandmother

Yaoan is a multi-genre producer based in Canada who’s best known for his lo-fi beats. His biggest song to date, “Come With Me,” has garnered over one million streams, and his music continues to find its place in playlists all over the world.

“I wanted to make a track that celebrates my late Lola,” Yaoan shares. “If you’re Filipino, you’ve definitely heard a Filipino love ballad before, and this is inspired by that.”

Watch Yaoan put together his love ballad-inspired track here, and get the Collection of sounds he used here.

Jeia celebrates her home, Indonesia

Jeia is a music producer and sound designer based in Toronto. In addition to producing her own music, she has also worked alongside a wide array of artists including the likes of MILCK, Madame Gandhi, and OpenSoul.

“I want to celebrate Indonesia, where I’m from,” Jeia tells us. “I also want to highlight the Splice creators who inspire me the most.”

Watch Jeia construct a beat that incorporates sounds from her favorite creators here, and get the Collection of sounds she used here.

Rita Kim celebrates the Gayageum and her roots

Rita Kim is a bilingual singer-songwriter from South Korea who’s passionate about R&B, pop, and hip hop. Via her covers and original tracks, she strives to create music that delivers groove, soul, and flowing emotions.

“I used to play this traditional Korean instrument called the Gayageum when I was in elementary school,” Rita shares. “And then I found this Gayageum sample pack on Splice celebrating AAPI month. This inspired me to to make a beat with the sounds of my roots.”

Watch Rita Kim develop the Gayageum sounds into a full song here, and get the Collection of sounds she used here.

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May 30, 2023