What’s new in Arturia’s V Collection 9?

Arturia’s flagship instrument collection is back with some brand-new updates and thousands of new possibilities.

V Collection 9 has landed on Gear, stocked with new tools and the expected musicality of Arturia instruments. There are also thousands of new presets across the collection, including 14 new sound banks, putting a wide range of sounds within only a few clicks.

In this article, we’ll run down the new and rebuilt instruments in this latest version, and discuss how they can add something new to your toolkit.

You can try V Collection 9 for free, and rent-to-own it at $24.99/mo for 24 months until the collection is yours.

New instruments

The newest version of V Collection has four brand-new instruments. Let’s take a quick look at each one and hear what they can do.


Building on over four decades of innovation in the MS-20 line, Arturia’s faithful emulation unites screaming oscillators and filters with a semi-modular approach, letting you explore shuddering detuned basslines, snappy resonant thuds, and howling hard-sync melodies.

Alongside all of the expected tools for subtractive synthesis, the “semi-modular” nature of the MS-20 V allows you to manipulate external signal processing, breaking and twisting your sound in unexpected ways. Re-engineered in partnership with KORG to feature workflow improvements like six-voice polyphony and an on-board emulation of the KORG SQ-10 sequencer, Arturia’s MS-20 V virtualizes KORG’s ageless analog monster.

SQ80 V

A rebuild of Ensoniq’s classic ‘80s crosswave synth, the SQ80 V combines hybrid lo-fi character, complex industrial textures, and thousands of unique waveform combinations. The SQ80 V unravels the typical approaches to digital synthesis, offering unique options to combine and fold waveforms and wavetables back in on themselves.

With nearly endless waveform combos, organic note-to-note variation through Voice Dispersion, and over a dozen on-board effects—all running through detailed analog-emulated filters—SQ80 V strikes the perfect balance between the ‘80s cult classic and a modern production workhorse.

Augmented STRINGS

In this latest V Collection update, Arturia introduced the new Augmented instrument group, featuring two new hybrid instruments that combine aspects of physical modeling and synthesis architectures from the minds behind Pigments.

Offering a comprehensive range of authentic or abstract string sounds, Augmented STRINGS combines meticulously recorded libraries with four synth engines, covering a range of timbres and colors. You can easily morph between the sampling and synthesis sides, and you can choose between a super streamlined UI to make quick and sweeping changes, or an advanced panel to fine-tune.

Augmented VOICES

Like its counterpart, Augmented VOICES combines approaches from both sampling and synthesis and offers an intuitive morphing approach between the two. This time, we’re focusing on vocals, with the ability to create evocative human timbres or hybrid whispered textures.

Also like Augmented STRINGS, Augmented VOICES includes four synthesis engines: Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, and Harmonic. These engines act like instruments within the instrument, letting you embellish with bass-heavy analog sounds, or forge synthetic granular textures.

Rebuilt instruments

V Collection 9 also features four updates to beloved instruments from past versions, updated with new modeling and rebuilt from scratch.

Prophet-5 V

A recreation of the ever-enduring Prophet-5—the hit-maker’s go-to for over five decades—the Prophet-5 V is equal parts soulful, playful, and enormous in its sound, complete with its signature approachable layout. Enhanced with modern creative features, FX, and presets, Arturia’s rebuild brings a keyboard icon into today’s workflow.

Whether it’s a shimmering lead or a sumptuous R&B pad, most producers turn straight to the Prophet-5 because it just gets the job done—and effortlessly at that. Arturia has also added some new power-ups, including a dedicated modulation view, more customization over keyboard response, and more.

Prophet-VS V

Rebuilt as a new standalone instrument, the Prophet-VS V captures the evolving sounds of vector synthesis, pioneered by the Prophet VS. Assign any of the over 450 waveforms to one of four oscillators, and then seamlessly trace a path between them for ever-changing timbres. Push it even further with LFO groups, flexible envelope generators, and a built-in arpeggiator.

The Prophet-VS V channels the clarity and harmonic depth of early digital synthesis, and then runs it through emulated analog filters and amps for an abrasive hybrid sound. Plus, you can enjoy the comforts of modern soft synths with added views for envelopes, mixing your waveforms, modulation, effects, and more.

CS-80 V

The CS-80 V emulates one of the most famous Japanese synths of all time, which offered its distinctly cinematic sound to everyone from Toto to Blade Runner. With a sprawling, interconnected architecture and a reputation of unmatched musicality, CS-80 V models every circuit and component of the original.

And just like the original, the CS-80 V shines in its responsiveness and playability, featuring customizable keyboard controls, sweeping pitch bends with The Ribbon, and now MPE compatibility for maximum expression.

Piano V

From luxurious German concert grands to contemporary metal- or glass-framed designs—brought to life with dynamic physical modeling—Piano V distills essential, experimental, and inspiring piano models into a single instrument. Plus, there’s no need for heavy sampler libraries, as Piano V’s engine represents a real-time simulation of the physics and acoustics of a piano, guaranteeing consistency, authenticity, and flexibility.

More impact? Deeper harmonics? A wider sound? Any adjustment is just a click away, whether you want to customize the piano sound itself or experiment with mic positions and environment options.

Supercharge your synth room without breaking the bank by getting V Collection below. Try it free, and then rent-to-own it for $24.99/mo for 24 months:

September 27, 2022