User Interview: How Tristan Produces Music and Releases Ableton Live Projects with Splice

Tristan aka YVRN is a Vancouver-based producer and DJ who uses Splice. Continue reading to learn more about how Tristan uses Splice and sign up for a free account so you can explore the platform for yourself.

This blog post mentions Splice Studio, which is no longer active. Learn more about the shutdown here.

Splice: Can you tell us how you got started producing music?

I had first taken the interest into producing music after going to see a couple Dubstep/electronic shows when I was in grade 9 and throughout high school. And being young I wanted to start off with something easier, so instead of jumping right into the technological aspect of producing I decided to start mixing and DJing with a Numark NS6. This kept me interested for a little bit until it was not enough for me anymore, I wanted to create. I started off with what came natural to me which is cinematic ambient type of music, sort of like Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder. From this my work translated into Carmack-inspired beats and some Dubstep. I’m very new to all of the production side of things, and I’ve realized that it takes a lot more than just throwing a compressor, EQ and reverb onto everything.

Splice: You’ve released many works-in-progress and ideas to the Splice community. Can you tell us why you decided to release these projects?

I like releasing works in progress in hopes of getting constructive feedback so I can go back and tweak the project into what others advise me to do. Also because I get really excited when I think I’ve created something that I want people to hear. Perhaps they will provide new ideas and inspiration to the Splice community.

Splice: Which is your favorite so far? Can you tell us about your process creating it?

I think my favorite so far is “My name is YVRN” because it’s one of my first works I’ve done. The project comes from my love for chill beats and Dubstep, it’s a very odd mix. It started when I figured workflow with the Simpler in Ableton Live, then I just started adding stuff from FX sample packs. Makes for a very living song in my mind.

Splice: How has Splice changed or improved your workflow?

It has changed everything! I am able to send projects to other producers that I have met along the way with ease. It’s awesome because my brother lives in Calgary and we like to make music together, so splice has become the Holy Grail of collaboration work for us and others.

Splice: What are some of your favorite plugins or sample packs? What do you find yourself using most often?

I’m really into old school Hip Hop beats and West Coast style drums. So for me my favorite sample pack I’ve worked with is The Lex Lugar sample pack. It is amazing to hear how many big time producers use samples that you are working with and it makes me feel like I have a good arsenal of sounds. As for plugins I don’t know where I would be without Native Instruments Massive, I can find all sorts of patches online that people have created and it just adds so much depth to all my work. Also I would recommend instruments and plugins from PureMagnetik.

Splice: Anything else you want to tell us? New music projects in the works?

With all this new technology and innovation, I’m finding myself bumping into so many new people that make music and it’s awesome. I really want to expand and meet producers from other areas so I can learn more about the craft. Having Splice up and running makes all of this very possible.

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July 3, 2015