Artist Stories: lylepervical

This week we had an opportunity to catch up with lylepercival. We asked him to tell us about his release I.D.G.A.F” and to show us how Splice fits into his production workflow.

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What inspired you to share this track with the Splice community?

Since splice started, I’ve spliced loads of tracks and learnt so much. So I thought I would put it out there and let people learn how I go about producing because when your just starting out its shit not knowing anything.

Tell us about your approach to writing and production. Any favorite sample packs or plugins?
I always start a new project with the kick and snare as it always gets me going when I don’t have a particular direction I want to go to. The samples you get on Splice Sounds are insane! I love the sample packs from Getter, Pegboard Nerds and Sullivan King. My favorite plugin right now is definitely Serum.

Could you share on how you used Serum in this track?

I used it for the main drop sound and a couple other bass sounds. I like to use Serum because of its great usable interface with visible wave tables, it’s nice to see modulation in real time and what various effects like “bend +\ – ” etc do to the wave table. It makes it fun to use and the sounds you can make with Serum are insane with endless possibilities.


You’re primarily a FL Studio user. What is it about FL Studio that makes it your DAW of choice?

I’ve tried other DAWS like Reason and for me I needed something that I could work fast. FL Studio did it for me but I do want to expand my horizons in the future.

How has Splice had an impact on your production process or workflow?

For me I was sick of buying sample packs just because I liked one sample. But now, I’m saving money because I can pick which sample I like and I don’t have to buy the rest.

What are your influences at the moment?

Loving Eptic at the moment.

You’ve had quite a few users in the community Splice the project file for “I.D.G.A.F” – what do you hope that they’ll do with it? 

I put it out on Splice to collaborate with someone, so hopefully I will find a collaborator to finish it with me.

Where do you think that you music is headed next? Anything that you’ll like to share with us?

Not sure just going to keep creating and learning because I’ve still got a long way to go but hopefully people listen to my music.

We’d like to thank lylepercival for taking the time to chat with us and for offering us some insight into his process. We’re looking forward to hearing many more tracks from him! Be sure to keep an eye on his Splice profile at lylepercival for all of his latest projects and upcoming releases.

October 7, 2016

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice