7 music production content creators to watch in 2022

Are you looking to engage with more music production tutorials, streams, and breakdowns in 2022?

If so, it may be worth checking out some of the up-and-coming content creators below. While we’ve highlighted a few videos that might specifically help expand your creativity and skillset around Splice Sounds and plugins, their channels all contain a wide range of content that can be valuable and enjoyable regardless of your toolkit.

1. Stefan Guy

If you enjoy the world of R&B production, Stefan Guy is your guy (pun intended). His laid-back but detailed tutorials are great for those who want to level up their production chops, and while his main focus may be R&B, the insights and techniques he shares often transcend any single genre.

2. LNA Does Audio Stuff

On LNA Does Audio Stuff, music producer and Ableton Certified Trainer Liina “LNA” Turtonen showcases a variety of content spanning tutorials, reviews, vlogs, and fun audio challenges. She’s also made a number of guest appearances on the Splice YouTube channel, and is overall both an absolute joy and an incredible resource for creators of all backgrounds.

3. Levi Niha

Do you like music production? Do you like video games? If you said yes to both, prepare to sink at least a few hours into Levi Niha’s channel. While he takes a comical approach to many of his videos (including the one above), Levi’s production skills are truly top notch—and he’s not afraid in the slightest to share the secrets of his creative process with his audience.

4. Bishu

If you’re looking to have a little bit of fun while learning, Bishu’s channel is for you. He mainly showcases how to make different ‘type beats,’ and while the concepts for the vast majority of them are absolutely ridiculous (see ‘Waluigi-type beat‘), they actually contain a ton of gems on how to get your creativity flowing quickly and continuously.

5. EDM Tips

EDM Tips is a channel hosted by Will Darling, a veteran producer whose goal is to share highly-actionable EDM tips and tutorials that you can apply in any DAW. Whether you’re into techno, house, trance, or anything else in the realm of electronic dance music, EDM Tips has something new for you to incorporate into your next track.

6. XDizzle

As a professional mixing engineer, producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist, XDizzle is a musician who wears many hats—and on his channel, he shares his wide array of experiences with his audience. His production tutorials primarily focus on house music, but he also has videos on gear essentials, sound selection, collaboration, and more that are highly relevant to any music creator.

7. Bolo Da Producer

Last but certainly not least, Bolo Da Producer is an RIAA-certified, multi-platinum producer and a self-proclaimed “curator of cool videos.” We can’t disagree there—whether it’s his in-the-box production tutorials or in-depth hardware reviews, Bolo Da Producer’s videos are indeed consistently, uniquely, and undeniably cool.

Were any of these content creators already familiar to you? Who else are you going to be watching in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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December 30, 2021