The top 10 Splice YouTube videos of 2021

In 2021, we uploaded close to 100 videos on the Splice YouTube channel spanning production tutorials, artist breakdowns, and more.

Though we love them all, below we’ve highlighted ten videos from this year that were among our favorites.

1. Oliver breaks down what Doja Cat’s “Say So” and Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” have in common

In celebration of the release of the latest installment to his Power Tools pack series, Oliver sat down with us earlier in the year to discuss his creative process, approach to constructing and using loops, and more.

2. 10 types of melodies you should know about (FL Studio / Ableton Live / Studio One / Logic Pro)

In the tutorial above, we take a look at ten types of melodies that you should be familiar with as a musician. With each entry, we break down compositional themes like contour, range, rhythm, and scale.

3. The beautiful art of sampling and how to find your voice (or style) within it

How do we take sounds that someone else created and truly make them our own? In this tutorial video, we explore the many different avenues for finding and utilizing samples in our own music.

4. Best free VST plugins you need in 2021 (FX edition)

Spanning lush reverbs to gritty distortion units, the high-quality free effects plugins that we explore in this video will help you take your productions to the next level.

5. 3 levels of sampling: Beginner to pro (techniques / tips / history)

One of our most recent videos, in this tutorial we go over a brief history of sampling and then dive straight into the three levels of complexity that exist within the process today.

6. Kenny Beats | 5 production tips to save time and keep you inspired

In this Splice Skills teaser, production legend Kenny Beats offers five powerful tips that simplify the creative process and keep him inspired.

7. 5 rhythms that changed my life (important patterns for Ableton, FL Studio, etc.)

While there are literally infinite rhythms that can be used in music, there are some particularly influential ones that have shaped a wide variety of styles and genres across time. Above, we dive into the origins and musical qualities of five of these rhythms.

8. Making a pop beat in under 10 minutes | Speedrun

Working under a time constraint when producing music can be a great way to hone your workflow and build confidence in your creative decisions. In the video above, we took this idea to the test by ‘speed running’ a pop track in under ten minutes.

9. Origins of reggaeton with Tainy, Taiko, and Kat Dahlia

In the video above, three veteran musicians dive further into the origins of reggaeton, where it stands today as one of the most genres in the world, and where it’s headed tomorrow.

10. Sampling iconic video game sounds into beats

In the video above, we sample ten iconic video game sound effects and flip them into tracks in FL Studio, Bitwig, and Ableton Live. Can you recognize all of the sounds? Let us know in the comments section of the video before we reveal them.

What was your favorite video from us in 2021? Let us know in the comments below, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos in 2022.

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December 27, 2021