The 10 most requested artist sample packs for 2023

Sample packs from the artists who inspire you can be a great resource for advancing your music creation journey.

In this article, we’ve gathered insights from our active music producer community on Twitter (follow us to be a part of the daily discussions) on which packs they’d like to see in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the artists who came up most frequently—turns out, you can even already find some of them on Splice.

1. Kenny Beats

Kenny Beats is the most sought-after producer of his generation, a rap therapist, and the king of The Cave. Even though we don’t have a sample pack with him just yet, he’s our first-ever Artist in Residence for Splice Skills.

Kenny’s series consists of in-depth lessons where he pulls back the curtain on everything spanning inspiration, collaboration, engineering, vocal processing, sampling, business, and more. From the emotional aspects of being an artist to the technical abilities that need to be mastered, Kenny’s Skills residence is an insider’s feast.

2. Hit-Boy

Our Splice Awards 2021 Producer of the Year, Hit-Boy is a GRAMMY-winning producer, writer, and singer who’s contributed to numerous hits from JAY-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, and others.

Hit after hit after hit, he’s an inspiration to countless producers who want to reach the same height of success. A sample pack from Hit-Boy would undoubtedly be something that many would want to add to their libraries.

In an article by Output Mag, Hit-Boy gave out some advice for aspiring producers trying to get placements. “If you’re a producer trying to get placements, just make sure you have enough headspace for an artist to hear themselves on top of it,” he says. “I feel that in a lot of my career, if I had focused more on the engineering side and EQing things, I would have had a lot more placements.”

3. The Kount

Toronto-based music producer Koal Harrison—better known as The Kount—is an underground beatmaker who’s making a name for himself by releasing beat videos, sharing sample packs, and encouraging other artists to pursue their music.

Splice’s Fan Favorite Award winner for 2021, our producer community definitely loves incorporating the sounds released by The Kount into their own productions—you can find his latest pack here.

4. Krewella

Krewella is a pioneering dance music duo formed by sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. Krewella became a household name in the electronic music scene in 2012 with their self-released EP Play Hard, which included chart-topping tracks like “Alive.”

One of the few independent, woman-fronted, and Pakistani-American artists in dance music, Krewella stands as one of the most successful electronic acts in recent history—you can find their first pack here.

5. Moore Kismet

An 18-year-old musician, voice actor, visual artist, and filmmaker, Moore Kismet is in a league of their own, leading the next generation of emerging electronic artists. The Southern California-raised, non-binary, and pansexual music prodigy is an influential voice of the LGBTQ+ creative community.

Their unique production style and stage presence is anything but predictable, which has set Moore Kismet apart from the crowd.


BVSSIC is an artist from the Netherlands who has released on labels like NSD: Black Label, Disciple Round Table, and Odio Records. His influences are taken from many different mediums, such as video games, anime, and a plethora of music genres.

According to his Spotify bio, BVSSIC aims to “create vast open worlds to let the mind wander in through sound, seeking to create the foundations on which people can build worlds.”

7. Sky Rompiendo

Few producers have created hits that are on the scale of those crafted by Sky Rompiendo. One of J Balvin’s go-to collaborators, Sky Rompiendo has made a name for himself in Latin music with his sharp but groovy production sensibilities.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sky and hear some of the top tips he has gathered over the span of his career:

8. Sango

A Seattle-based producer from the Soulection roster, Sango is known for his distinctive blend of hip hop and soul. He has crafted remixes for some of the world’s biggest names, including Drake, The Weeknd, and Aaliyah, and has produced alongside the likes of Tinashe and Bryson Tiller.

His own discography also demonstrates his sharp instincts as a producer, seamlessly weaving everything from Brazillian funk to electronic beats into an eclectic yet cohesive sound. Many producers are awaiting a follow-up installment to his drum kit.

9. Kaelin Ellis

Kaelin Ellis is a multi-platinum music producer who’s known for being top-of-the-class in the modern jazz / hip hop scene. He was originally part of an online crew dubbed LOAFLAB, where he came in contact with later collaborative partners Lupe Fiasco, KAYTRANADA, Sango, and many others. While you can already find some of his sounds on Splice, musicians are already looking forward to hearing what else he has to offer.

10. Hex Cougar

Hex Cougar crafts otherworldly sonic landscapes that straddle the line between menacing and beautiful. His catalog includes remixes for the likes of Sia, RL Grime, and KRANE, as well as originals that have garnered millions of streams across platforms.

While we patiently wait for volume two, producers can check out Hex’s first pack on Splice.

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