Crowdsplicing: The Final Tracks from a Collaborative Experiment

On August 3rd we kicked off our project “Crowdsplicing” in which 38 Splice users from across the globe collaborated to make full length tracks. Three weeks and 223 revisions later the project has officially come to a close. As part of the process, participants each made one or two individual contributions to the project while commenting and discussing general trends or production ideas.  Out of our cross-continental collaboration experiment came three unique releases which we are excited to share with the community:

  • Zanzibar (Ableton Live)
  • Eclipse (Ableton Live)
  • Fire & Ice (Logic X)
  • Afterthoughts 

The project operated with a very open mindset the whole time – participants were allowed to add/change whatever they wanted in an effort to leave their mark and make the track better. There were two separate teams working, 26 in Ableton and 12 in Logic X. The Ableton squad came out with two tracks (Eclipse and Zanzibar) and the Logic squad created Fire & Ice. We were really impressed with constructive discussion about the projects and the process. Everyone worked together with the common goal of creating a unique, interesting track. We look forward to offering more Crowdsplicing opportunities in the future!

Here’s what some Crowdsplicing collaborators said about their experience:

“I’m super excited to hear the finished project! Such a cool initiative! :)”

“I had a blast! i’m in zombie mode today”

“This was super fun to work on :)”

“I’m stoked to see where this goes!”

“Got way carried away having far too much fun :D”

August 25, 2015