Comparing 3 different piano plugins (stock, free, and paid)

The piano is an instrument that’s commonly used across various genres and styles of music.

It’s only natural that we want a piano plugin that’s both high quality and within our designated budget (and available disk space). In the tutorial above, we compare three different piano plugins—the stock piano that comes right within a DAW, a free third-party piano, and a paid third-party piano. We demo each instrument so you can hear them in action while also discussing their pros, limitations, and how you can get the best sound out of whatever option you choose for yourself.

The stock piano heard at 1:00 is Logic Pro X’s Steinway Grand Piano. The free third-party piano heard at 3:18 is the Soft Piano in Spitfire’s LABS collection, which can be downloaded it here. Lastly, the paid third-party piano heard at 5:51 is XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys, which you can find on Rent-to-Own for $9.99/mo.

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Try Addictive Keys for free, and then rent-to-own it until you own it outright:

June 13, 2020

Max Rewak Max Rewak is a record producer, audio engineer, and music writer, based in New York and currently working in Sounds content at Splice.