Building the next generation of creative tools for musicians

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired the audio technology company Superpowered.

We created Splice to empower musicians to realize their creative potential. We believed then – as we do now – that high-quality sounds in combination with the most advanced creative tools and technology would be the key to that mission. Over the course of the past five years, we’ve built a world-class library of sounds that delivers daily inspiration to everyone from top 40 hitmakers to bedroom beatmakers. In joining forces with Superpowered, we’re excited to usher in a new era of creative technology that further empowers musicians to realize their creative potential.

Superpowered helps forward-thinking developers build fast, reliable technology to power and process audio across many devices and platforms – from mobile to web to desktop, from Android to iOS, from Windows to macOS, from Chrome to Safari. This technology is critical today and the crux of the future of music creation tomorrow.

Musicians are no longer tethered to desktop software. Consider Splice: our community of musicians access Splice Sounds from the Splice desktop app, from our browser-based Beatmaker, from the Splice mobile app, and of course, from our web-based marketplace. Inspiration is not tied to a device.

Joining forces with Superpowered is about more than the technology – it’s about the talent. We’re bringing in-house leading cross-platform audio technology and also some of the leading audio technologists, including Gabor Szanto, a decorated DJ and audio technologist who created the app DJ Player Pro before developing the technology behind Superpowered. This will only mean great things for our community of creators. New features built with Superpowered technology will start to roll out as soon as next month.

We’re inspired by this quote from Superpowered’s inaugural blog post: “As any creator will tell you, thoughtfully-crafted tools, tools that anticipate the needs of the craftsman that are a pleasure to work with, tools that hold a strong opinion about the work to be done, and quite simply, just work, make the difference between the dark sleepless night of aching, nagging frustration and the bright day of the productive flow of a creative state.”

As a creator, the tools you use matter. They are a part of your creative process and your creative progress. We can’t wait to build the next generation of tools that serve you.

May 13, 2020