5 musical New Year’s resolutions

New year, new resolutions. For 2018, why not set some music production related goals?

We reached out to 5 artists and asked them to share what they’d like to accomplish this year. Here’s what they had to say:


“To have ten songs charting on billboard top 100”


“To share more music that awakens feelings and emotions to inspire people.”


“Learn and use new software that can help speed up our workflow and give us more tools and creative choices!”


“I have lots! I want to

1) Write my album!

2) Keep my head down. Share the struggles.

3) Work with negative self-talk, instead of seeing it as a constant weight. I really believe that initial self-doubt = growth. Fear of failure is a universal human emotion, but I don’t want to let it get in the way of my purpose. I like to see them as goals, rather than resolutions because I just want to be better, & more confident than I was yesterday. Musically, I want to challenge myself to write to write, not to get discouraged if a song doesn’t “match” my sonic space”


“Try to always have fun in the studio because that’s how the best music is made.”

We want to hear what your musical New Year’s resolutions are! Leave a comment below or tweet at us (@Splice).

January 5, 2018