Play beats without a DAW with our YouTube ‘Beatmaker’

With our YouTube ‘Beatmaker,’ we put crafting beats at your fingertips (literally).

While it might not be quite as powerful as our full-fledged Beatmaker plugin, that didn’t stop us from trying to pass it off like it was on April Fools. Now, we’ve decided to keep this little tool up on our YouTube channel for any producers who want to have some fun without opening up their DAW. To use the YouTube ‘Beatmaker,’ simply play the video above, and then press the number keys on your computer keyboard (or the timestamps in the video description if you’re on mobile) to get jamming.

You can grab all of the sounds used in this ‘Beatmaker’ here, and find our real Beatmaker plugin here.

Happy finger drumming!

Take your productions to the next level with our real Beatmaker:

April 1, 2022