Back to the Sketchpad: Using Session and Arrangement Views for Remixing in Ableton Live

In this video, Christopher Petti explores creative remix techniques using Ableton Live’s uniquely synergistic¬†Session and Arrangement views. Learn how to convert preexisting arrangement components into launchable clip scenes and various processes for rearranging sections of the track to create your own version.

Sign up for Splice¬†and download the modified Ableton Live project for Revolvr and Bass Kleph’s “Mile High” to follow along with the video, get a chance to create your own remix of the track, and gain a better understanding of how these techniques can be applied to your own projects.

When creating remixes, it can be challenging to find the right balance of staying true to the original track’s vibe while also mixing things up a bit by adding your own sense of color and style. Using Ableton Live’s unique non-linear workflow is a great way to achieve creatively inspired results that you might not come up with while using a more traditionally structured DAW.

May 7, 2015