The Samples Choir share their story and sounds

The Samples Choir is a multi-faceted vocal group that commands a vast repertoire ranging from classical to hip hop.

The Sunday Sounds sample pack was the result of the collaboration between Choir Director Jason White and singer-songwriter Nikki Grier, two of the architects behind numerous world-renowned projects including Kanye West’s Sunday Service movement. Via an expansive array of choir chants, gospel vocal chops, mantras, melody samples, and more, the collection intends to provide listeners with a small glimpse into what a Sunday morning with The Samples Choir might sound like.

In the video above, White, Grier, and the rest of The Samples Choir give us an intimate look into their performances and discuss what they hope musicians will get out of their sounds. “Choral music is so huge right now; it’s nice to be able to build off of that momentum, and be able to share something as special as this with everyone,” Grier tells us. “I feel like we were a part of the revival of that sound. I feel blessed to be a part of that movement.”

In loving memory of Christina Yuna Lee, who was a pivotal part of telling this story.

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February 26, 2022