Remembering Christina Yuna Lee

Over the weekend, Christina’s family launched the Christina Yuna Lee Memorial Fund, and we wanted to share this with our friends and partners.

As the Splice team has mourned the tragic passing of our dear friend and colleague, Christina Yuna Lee, we’ve noticed common themes in our remembrance of her. Dedicated to making beautiful and inclusive label and pack art in her role as a Senior Creative Producer, Christina’s effortless ability to make anyone and everyone feel welcomed and included was unparalleled. She was a pillar of unity on any project, in any meeting, with any group of people. Her grace in communicating ideas and rallying the team, always balanced with humor and a firm grip on reality, was beyond admirable.

Christina’s genuine positivity and excitement didn’t just fill a role at a job—they elevated our team, our company, and the spirits of all the lives she touched. Everyone wanted to be her friend.

In her work with Splice, Christina took her lifelong passions for music, art, and storytelling and applied them to eye-catching visuals that leaped off the screen. ​​Christina helped create and roll out deep-dive interviews with creators and the stories behind their work. “The most gratifying work is just to be able to connect with creators and bring their stories to life,” Christina said in an interview for Splice’s employee spotlight series earlier this year. “Giving them that platform has just been so wonderful.”

Leading many diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across Splice’s Content department, Christina’s work ensured that the voices of the cultures who invented the sounds we share are represented and elevated in our library. “We put out this beautiful sound pack called Montuno – Boogaloo. We looked at that in a very educational way; creators talked about their relationship to the genres and a copywriter wrote an enormously researched article about the term ‘boogaloo.’ Being able to tell these stories and being the person to put this out for people has been really challenging, but also so rewarding.”

Her work also included the creation of the Art Appropriation Council, which set a new standard for inclusion and representation at Splice, and in the future we hope to share this groundbreaking work across our industry.

Christina co-produced the documentary 3AM on Frenchmen alongside roles at Paul Katzman, Leslie Feely, and Eli Klein Galleries and worked at Toms, Studio Bonafide, and Marriott International before joining Splice in March 2021. She took every chance she could to safely join her colleagues in person at Splice’s New York headquarters whenever COVID restrictions allowed. Though not super familiar with the company before she joined, Christina was a quick study and an infectiously joyful fan of the music culture she helped visualize.

Her colleagues have spoken about Christina’s potential and how her ceiling at Splice and beyond was non-existent. We could all see that she would do great things while leaving her mark on the world: a mark of joy, passion, skill, and inclusivity. Though her life has been unfairly taken from all of us too soon, her work and legacy live on. She is and will continue to be greatly missed.

February 22, 2022