Oliver, Jetsonmade, Supah Mario, Virtual Riot, and others share their top music production tips

Music production is a lifelong journey.

Above, veteran producers Oliver, Jetsonmade, Virtual Riot, Modestep, Supah Mario, Max Rewak, and Isaac Duarte share invaluable tips they’ve gathered over the span of their careers. From mixing and sound design to brand expansion and career development, a wide array of topics are covered.

We hope you can take these tips and make them your own to further refine your music. “Listen—nobody can do what you do,” Isaac asserts. “In order to create your own wave, you need to be your authentic self. Take Pierre Bourne, for example. Pierre Bourne didn’t say, ‘I’m going to make beats like Southside or Metro.’ He literally got inspired by video games and created his own wave. And now, look at him—whenever he comes out with something or he works with Cardi, people love that. So, you’re better off doing your own thing and being your authentic self; create your own wave.”

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Incorporate sounds from Oliver, Jetsonmade, Supah Mario, Virtual Riot, and other leading producers into your own productions:

September 25, 2023

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.