Michael Bruner on starting from a sample and the importance of physical activity for creativity

“Approach every environment like it’s the first time you’ve been in that environment, and you’ll find sounds that no one else has found,” Michael Bruner tells us.

Michael Bruner is an Indiana-based vocalist and producer who’s carving a path of his own in the world of bedroom pop. His recently-released debut EP Time With You provides a taste of his nuanced sound, which combines a lo-fi aesthetic with found sounds, ambient soundscapes, and R&B grooves.

Also a SoundCloud x Splice NOVA Beat Battle winner, Michael Bruner recently released his very own sample pack on Splice Sounds. In celebration of the release, we had the opportunity to sit down with Bruner in the video above to hear about his approach to music creation, the connection between physical activity and creativity, and more.

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Incorporate Michael Bruner’s original sounds into your own productions:

October 1, 2022

Harrison Shimazu

Harrison Shimazu is a composer, content strategist, and writer who’s passionate about democratizing music creation and education. He leads the Splice blog and produces vocaloid music as Namaboku.