KSHMR and DallasK “Burn” – Understanding The Ableton Live Session: Videos Part 1 & 2

Producers KSHMR and DallasK recently released their full Ableton Live session for “Burn” on Splice. This track was one of the biggest tracks in dance music last year. With chart-topping success, it was heard and played by DJs at many festivals and parties across the globe. The track features a memorable hook, an interesting arrangement, and an epic mix to top things off.

In these two videos below, we examine the arrangement in the Ableton Live session (video Pt. 1) and explore the many interesting techniques these producers used to create the song (video Pt. 2) . These includes sidechain compression, creating a “ghost kick”, sweeps and pitch risers, background vinyl layers and more.

You can sign up for Splice to explore the Ableton Live session itself (below) and watch the videos to follow along and learn how KSHMR and DallasK created “Burn”. Stay tuned for more videos which will help you understand techniques your favorite producers are using in Splice projects!

KSHMR and DallasK – “Burn” Video Pt. 2 – The Techniques

In this video, we explore techniques used in “Burn”. Learn more about sidechain compression, pitch risers, layering vinyl noise, creating a ‘ghost kick’ and more.

KSHMR and DallasK – “Burn” Video Pt. 1 – The Arrangement

This video takes a closer look at the arrangement for “Burn”. Learn how KSHMR and DallasK created anticipation and excitement in the track. Employ these techniques in your own production.

April 9, 2015