Kate Brunotts, Juliana Chahayed, and Sølv pay tribute to their inspirations

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we asked creators to compose a track inspired by any woman or non-binary artist.

Below, leading producers Kate Brunotts, Juliana Chahayed, and Sølv share their thoughts and sounds.

Kate Brunotts on FKA twigs

Kate Brunotts is an avant-pop music producer and artist based in New York City. Her expansive sonic dreamscapes and heartfelt songwriting have been featured on the likes of EARMILK, Clout, and BBC Music Introducing.

“I’m constantly inspired by powerhouse creators like FKA twigs who create music that demands to be listened to,” Brunotts tells us. “FKA twigs’ music effortlessly inspires and promotes active listening, never resting on a singular sound. I’m constantly inspired by her dedication and endless spirit to explore beyond what she has already created.”

Watch Kate Brunotts put together a track inspired by FKA twigs here, and get the Collection of sounds she used here.

Juliana Chahayed on Imogen Heap

Juliana Chahayed is an artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Los Angeles. Effortlessly navigating a myriad of influences spanning pop, soul, lo-fi, hip hop, and R&B, her music is as mesmerizing as it is moving.

“Today, I’m going to write a song inspired by one of my favorite artists, Imogen Heap,” Chahayed says. “One of the lyric ideas I had is about clocks, so I’m going to find some ticking sounds on Splice.”

Hear how Juliana Chahayed’s track came out here, and get the Collection of sounds she used here.

Sølv on FKA twigs

Sølv is a London-based vocalist and producer who’s known for her unique intersection of dark pop and R&B. Her breathy vocals and minimal but powerful productions have captured the attention of a wide array of listeners, publications, and editorial playlists.

“FKA twigs has always inspired me to let my true self shine through when it comes to making music,” Sølv shares. “I chose her because she inspires me endlessly.”

Watch Sølv produce a track inspired by FKA twigs here, and get the Collection of sounds she used here.

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March 30, 2023