David Heartbreak (OWSLA) Releases Full Session for “Rose Colored Bass” featuring Maluca

Prolific producer and DJ, David Heartbreak just opened up the full Ableton Live session for his track “Rose Colored Bass”, featuring Maluca to the world in celebration of the track’s release today on OWSLA Records. You can sign up for Splice and dive in to explore the session and create your own version. This incredibly well-produced track features some interesting techniques you can also learn from.

Here are some of the things you might want to check out:

  • Great use of a dusty vinyl record sound for texture
  • Automated delays and reverb swells really make the track interesting and evolving
  • Creative layering of sounds, especially the use of a distorted guitar blended tightly with the synthesizer lines
  • Vocal edits are superb with a lot of variation
  • Smart use of the Autofilter on the drum group to cut out the rumbling low end below 26 Hz

David Heartbreak – Rose Colored Bass feat. Maluca

December 1, 2014