We’ve updated our Create feature with undo, key detection, and Studio One export

Since its launch, visitors to Create have created more than 1.5 million Stacks, and we’ve received a ton of feedback with new feature requests.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve implemented a load of new features, based on what you’ve asked for. You’ll now find an undo feature, key detection, plus a few more useful things in the mix.

We’ve updated Create mode since this article was posted—find out what’s new here.

The undo feature

This doesn’t need much explanation, but thanks to the new undo button, you can take one step backwards to revert to a sound that you really love. Stacks are an in-the-moment expression of your sound discovery process. Now, with undo, you have a little more control over your journey, which we hope leads to more creative empowerment.

The key detection feature

Though the CoSo algorithm that runs the Create feature doesn’t care too much about key (we’ll be writing about that soon), your feedback told us that having a readout of the key helps you in your creative process. So, we added it—under the Stack name and beside the tempo readout, you can find the key that best matches your Stack. Now, you can export your Stack to your DAW and continue creating, knowing that you’re in F♯, for example.

The Studio One export option

When we launched, the only DAW export option was Ableton Live, and we’ve always planned on expanding the list. Next up is Presonus’ Studio One, so now you can export a Stack in .song format and open it in the DAW with your samples on independent channels, with time-stretching and pitch-shifting applied.

In addition to these great new features, we’ve been hard at work tackling bugs and polishing the core functionality of Create. We added tempo and volume controls to the mobile browser version, improved the Stacks playback experience within our Desktop app, and added tens of thousands of loops to the catalog.

Next, we’ll continue to roll out customer-requested features, including one major update to the Splice platform that could change the way you create—we hope you like what’s coming.

Try out the new features yourself:

September 5, 2023