Artist Stories: partycat9000

This week we had an opportunity to catch up with partycat9000. We asked him to tell us about his release Back to Back x Flashing Lights” and to show us how Splice fits into his production workflow.

What inspired you to share this track with the Splice community?

When I originally got on Splice, I learned a lot by splicing others’ projects, and so I wanted to do the same for others who may be interested in doing a remix/bootleg.

Tell us about your approach to writing and production. Any favorite sample packs or plugins?

I typically start with a chord progression and tweak it until it sounds awesome. Then I voice it with some instruments, I really like using wide saws I make on Serum. I use Ableton’s Arpeggiator effect way too much for my own good. I listen to some of my favorite producers and see how they add layers of detail and try to emulate that!


You’re primarily an Ableton Live user. What about it makes it your DAW of choice?

No real reason, I’m on a Mac and at the time I only knew about Fruity Loops and Ableton, so I went with Ableton.

How has Splice had an impact on your production process or workflow?

Being a front-end software engineer by trade, I really wanted some form of version control when making tracks. I had too many times where I’d tweak a sound late into the night, save, only to wake up the next morning and spend hours trying to get my old sound back. I googled “Ableton version control” and that’s how I found Splice! It’s helped me collaborate with awkward island and bimyo on “Hyperdrive.”

What are your influences at the moment?


You’ve had quite a few users in the community Splice the project file for “Back to Back x Flashing Lights” – what do you hope that they’ll do with it? 

Hopefully learn a trick or two! I always learn a lot by seeing how others produce sounds, and I hope people can learn the same from me. It would also be pretty exciting to hear a remix of … a remix!

Where do you think that you music is headed next? Anything that you’ll like to share with us?

I haven’t quite found my sound, so my next few tracks will definitely be experimental/exploratory. I look forward to it!

We’d like to thank partycat9000 for taking the time to chat with us and for offering us some insight into his process. We’re looking forward to hearing many more tracks from him! Be sure to keep an eye on his Splice profile at partycat9000 for all of his latest projects and upcoming releases.

August 5, 2016

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice