New updates for you: Create mode genres, self-service invoices, and 24/7 chatbot

We’re committed to making Splice better and more inspirational—a place you can turn to whenever you need to dive into your creativity.

We listened to your feedback and launched some updates around Create mode, invoices, and our help center. Wherever you see the ‘Give Feedback’ button, let us know your thoughts so you can help us continue making Splice better for you and your flow.

We’ve added more genres to Create mode, and brought back Lo-fi and Live

You may have read our last update where we announced that we diversified the mix of genres and styles available in Create mode. We’ve expanded that list even further now, adding an additional four genres to the list of options: Live, Lo-fi, Soul, and Ambient, our first style that starts out without a drums layer (if you want to add drums and percussion, that’s totally your call).

You might recognize some of these styles from previous versions of Create mode—that’s because we previously switched them out in favor of more recognizable genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, and House. But, the feedback we received was that you miss these old starting points, and the sometimes unpredictable creative jumping-off points they provide.

If you’d like to hear the new styles, head to Create mode (no subscription needed), or if you’re a subscriber, create a Stack from loops in the Splice catalog the next time you’re browsing in your browser or on Desktop. If you’re new to Create mode, here’s a Collection of surefire Stackstarters to get you going.

Now your invoices are self-serve

Many of you have reached out requesting invoices for your Splice payments. Be it for taxes, budgeting, or to frame on your wall—we got you covered. You can now safely download invoices with a single click. Just head on over to your Billing page whenever you need an invoice, and click the invoice button next to your desired date for immediate download. It’s really that easy.

We’ve upgraded our helpdesk

Our entire help center has a whole new look, and it’s just for you. You can now access our 24/7 AI chatbot to help address Splice questions you might have. This way, you can continue creating without being blocked or having to wait on an email response. Don’t worry, our human customer agents are still available to help; thanks to the chatbot, they’ll have more time to respond to your more complex support issues. Head to our support page to check out the update, and tap the Help button on the bottom right to access the chatbot.

Find inspiration with our ever-evolving sample discovery feature:

February 14, 2024