Building new paths for your creativity: Looking back on 2023

This past year at Splice, we’ve been relentlessly focused on making our subscription more valuable than ever—with new sounds and samples added daily, better tools that fit your workflow, and now with AI, the ability to build a musical idea from a single loop.

Crafted by some of the best sound designers in the world, Splice is home to a market-leading catalog of samples, paired with innovative software to search, find, and use sounds. We’re building powerful technology in partnership with you, our customers.

Building a subscription that becomes more valuable over time is an essential priority for everyone at Splice. With customers in almost every country, we understand that you invest deeply in your creativity, be that the time it takes, the emotions spent, or the financial cost. In the past year, Splice Sounds delivered even more paths for inspiration by creating 994 new packs that feature over 150 new sample creators and span 117 different genres. Our catalog is now a dynamic sonic experience, featuring more than 300 instruments and enabling creative projects around the world. With over one million sounds downloaded daily, our samples are an essential ingredient in first-time creations, finished tracks, and global streaming charts.

Creative tools

But, it’s not just about inspiration—it’s also about the hard work that follows, and we need better creative tools to turn our ideas into music. To help, we overhauled Search, improving your ability to sift through the world’s most complete sample library. We also focused on rebuilding Splice Desktop. We are so proud of the release of Desktop v5, which:

  • Blends seamlessly with your DAW via companion mode.
  • Features Bridge, allowing you to audition sounds directly in your composition.
  • Integrates Create mode into your core workflows.
  • Supports both dark and light modes (finally!).
  • Features dozens of stability improvements to keep you in your creative flow, whether you’re on a PC or a Mac, with direct support for newer M1 and M2 Apple machines.

AI in service of human creativity

Combining human-made sounds with powerful technology is what sets us apart. “The reason it sounds so good is because it’s human,” songwriter Evan Bogart told Rolling Stone on experiencing Create mode. “I would write a song a day with this tool. It takes so much of the pain away, but the quality remains.”

With AI technologies creating so much noise in the market, our mission has always been to enable human creativity. In June, we began rolling out Create mode across the platform. Since then, through a mix of closed Beta testing, in-person meetings, and online feedback, we’ve invited you deep into our creative process. We’ve gone on to release more than a dozen new features and improvements, including more export formats and refined key and tempo controls; most recently, we launched the ability to use any Splice loop as a Stack starter.

The next generation

Music production doesn’t need to be difficult to be powerful. Removing barriers to creativity will fuel music trends in ways we haven’t yet imagined. In 2023, we invested deeply in the future of music creation by making Splice available to students and teachers globally. Splice for Students is now available to creatives in the US, UK, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. Professor Andrew Hutchens from Benedict College shares, ”In my experience, Splice is an absolute must for elevating student engagement, creativity, and shaping a 21st-century music curriculum.”

This week, Billboard reported on the music trends coming out of Splice. It’s amazing to see how you’re all using different sounds around the world, and what that might mean for music releases in the future. Whether it’s the continued growth of amapiano, the impact of phonk, or the sounds of South Asia coming to life in Aaroh—we know the world of music will continue to expand and morph at the speed of human thought. We’re listening, and we’re working hard to keep pace with your creativity. Here’s to an even more amazing 2024.


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December 11, 2023

Kakul Srivastava Kakul Srivastava is the CEO of Splice and an award-winning entrepreneur whose mission is building companies that empower creators, grow communities, and create great customer experiences.